Whaddya say to jumping off the edge?

Sometimes it just takes a miracle like this weekend to snap me out of my bad moods. Angels? Well, not quite. But close enough that it might as well be.

Saturday was great. There were tears, yes of course. But there was laughter, and unity, and love love ALL around. No offense ballroom, but we don't got that. Not to the Timpview Band level.

I held it in all day, not thinking too hard about the situation. The fact that this was my last performance with these kiddos. But I lost it during the band nap while listening to DF's soothing voice, speaking words of wisdom. I think it was about the time he said, "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world right now than here with you guys," when I was overcome with wracking sobs and sniffles.

Bandimonies were rough, but awesome as always. And my favorite part of the day besides the performance? Maren pulling out "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" and reading it to the whole band. It was priceless and unforgettable. By that time, there wasn't a dry eye at Lehi High School, even from da father.

The performance was beyond describable. It wasn't as emotional as the spring concert because all initial shock was lost and emotions weren't as raw, but that was good for us. We were focused, alert, passionate, and ready to play. Celebration, not lamentation. That's what happened. It was something I'll never forget. It was perfect.

 I love my band. So proud of them. Honestly, I sometimes wish I could go back and do all 4 years over again. I'll miss it that much.

Stealing John Wilson's glasses to get bug eyes. 

Listening to beautiful music at State Band with my peeps

John's pretty cool.
And so is Jared.


The horn section rapping during skits. 
They're pretty fly for white guys.

Our friends from Whitehorse HS performing

We channeled the force of Beetdiggin Dan. 
(but seriously, who has beetdiggers as their mascot?! pathetic)

Some of my favorite people after the performance

Our section is very welcoming of many diversities and minorities in the world.

We build pyramids. 

The seniors and Eli.

Our finished product 

First clarinets.
The guy that's stuck with me through thick and thin.

Timpview Symphonic Band Clarinets 2011-2012

If for anything, I stayed because of them. 
and I knew I made the right decision because of them.
Love these guys. 

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