Let me lead you from your solitude

Sometimes I have this image of me running to you and finally confessing my undeniable love for you followed by a hope that you tell me that you've always loved me back. But then I realize - for many reasons - it cannot, and it will not ever be true.

"Love me, that's all I ask of you."


Happy Saturday

This is how I felt this morning

If you had felt what I feld
And if you had experienced what I had experienced
you would want it all back too.


I've learned from all my mistakes

So here we go again - a new semester of college is at hand!
Last semester was good. It was bueno. Did I do as well as I could have or as well as I wanted? Ha. NO. But chu know what? That's what life is about, chyeah? Improvement.
This semester will most definitely be 10 bajillion times better.
The ironic part is as I write this post at 11:16 p.m. mountain standard time, I am also attempting to type up a paper due tomorrow for my Intro to Social Work class. Yes, I am kind of avoiding it. kind of...
But other than that, things are going good! I've got all my assignments mapped out in my planner, the schedule for the week is written out, and I will prioritize so that I will accomplish everything that I need to. Yeehaw.

Things to anticipate:

-The devil called American Heritage. I've decided I will either love this class or hate it's red, white, and blue filled guts.
- I will actually have to practice for my tap class this semester. Shocker. But I will learn a lot and have fun.
- This semester will finally reveal to me what my major and future occupation will be. Hopefully. Fingers crossed for me, okeeee?
- This semester, most all my bestiest friends in the world will be leaving me for the Lord. As Lauren always says, "How dare they serve the Lord!" (that's like a joke, if you couldn't completely figure it out....)
But I WILL survive. For 2 years. 'Sall right.
- I'm officially not the new(est) girl at work anymore! Which means I can't use that excuse and time to put on my big girl pants and make no more mistakes to prove to them it was worth it to hire me.
- The start of University Band as 3rd chair. Time to prove to them what I am worth as a clarinetist. I just have to tell myself that I know I can do whatever they throw at me. No stressin' it. I got this, y'all.
- Figuring out my life for next year. Where to live, who to live with, etc., etc., etc.
[Side note, if anybody's lookin for a happy roommate for next year, this girl could be yours....]

And now I will proceed to tell you a story
through pictures

Once there was a girl trying to study Social Work

Paper cranes! 

Think they'd hire me for a Coca-Cola calendar model?

My roommate Emma bakes me delicious food. 

Speaking of Emma.... 

At least I always have my Coke.

And now, this post is turning more into this than I imagined.
Uh oh.

This ^ my friends, is the face of a winner.


what's past is past

Like, okay. Is this for reals?
I was confident you had put little red flags around my name and you would call me as soon as you realized I was there, telling me you had no room for me. So I guess this was a pleasant surprise.
But now the question I have for You is

am I ready for this?