• You stay up till 2:00 a.m. counting $11,000. True story
  • You win 2nd place in Rumba
  • You wear bright pink lipstick and ribbons in your hair to church
  • You lose your voice. Completely
  • The boy you ask to Sadie's has already been asked
  • The boy you semi like has already been asked
  • You find out the boy you admire from afar is dating someone. Oh and he's sometimes a jerk to you but you still ogle at him anyways.
  • You don't want to talk to anyone
  • Your Varsity and JV teams both beat Provo's Varsity teams. And you're proud.
  • Chase Weight knows waaaaay too much about you. Like your pizza preference, how much ice you like in your drink and which boy you're obsessed with
  • You go to Las Vegas in 3 days
  • You prove people wrong
  • You become obsessed with cheesy shows like Once Upon a Time and Pan Am
  • Your foot cramps up
  • You're 30 pages away from receiving your Young Women's Medallion. Finally
  • I wanna hang out with you
  • You have an anxiety attack because of all the music you have to learn in 2 weeks
  • You find socks in your hair. Literally
  • You are an Ewok for Halloween. And you're 17. And you go trick or treating.

sometimes you need a friend. or a sister. or a lover.
but mostly a sister.


Riddle me this

right now:
Person I want to hang out with the most right now? Kent Schmutz. That way we can gossip.

Funniest moment of my day? Jake Callahan genuinely falling of off a spinning chair.

Most critical lifeblood right now? Vanilla Coke. and occasionally Smarties

The thing I'm most worried about? Marching band jackets. and....end of term.

Favorite word to say? Cuddleslut. Try it. It's fun.

Thing I want to do most? Go to a real BYU Marching Band rehearsal

Thing that irks me the most? She asked you to Sadie's.....wow I really must like you...I guess....

Most surprising? The epilogue to the story of the worst date. Didn't see that coming.

Instrument I wish I could play? Clarinet. Oh wait. done.

Best friends? Danielle Sowers and Chase Weight. They should get a medal for all the listening they do because of my venting that they have to endure.

Person I want to be most like? Maren Christensen. She's a saint.

Cutest kid in preschool? Ethan Francis a.k.a. Nate Francis' little brother. I want one.

Job options? None

Newest discovery? Tightening your stomach muscles in fact does help playing clarinet. Thanks Emileigh!

Place I wish I was most? Texas. Schertz, Texas.

Weirdest realization? I'm a senior


Major details

It's official....or at least as official as it gets in the life of a 17 year old.


After helping my 23 year old brother with his ridiculously easy math homework (and I mean easy for college level stuff), I learned I would never have the patience to sit and help the "stupid" kid in a class and explain how to solve a problem in 30 different ways so he understands it. Because that's literally what I did with Andy....and I can't do it.

Maybe I should pursue music? No se.
All I know is my confusion in life is just another reason why I should get my patriarchal blessing. I need peace and direction in my life.



Talking is sooooo good.
And for once, I got to do the talking.

I've never been asked that question until now.
The only other person I've told my feelings about this whole sitcheeation to is Lynnsay Lou.
We're attached at the hip and she is one of the only "older sister" figures I've had in life.
But Lou is busy with college and dancin stuff.
And we haven't talked or seen each other since probably my birthday in July.
And I miss her.
So you probably don't realize how much that conversation was needed in my life.
thank you.
It made me stop and think.
And since that was just an emotional roller coaster day anyways, I basically went home and had a breakdown.
But I've decided breakdowns are good.
They're like sneezes.
It's bad if you keep the germs in.

I like talking.

and pizza.


Dustland fairytale

Once upon a time I had this realization that maybe I should be a counselor. Or a psychologist. Or whichever one tells people what to do..

I'm good at just sitting there and listening to people's problems and giving them advice or inputting my thoughts. Like with Steph last night.

I dunno...it's just another career option that will most likely never happen


Listen to a prophets voice

Today was stake conference and Elder Russell M. Nelson came to speak to our stake for the second time! And as tired as I was and as much as I didnt want to go, I am extremely grateful now that I did. Our stake presidency was released and new ones were called so that all were asked to speak. And then finally Elder Nelson took the pulpit which I was so eagerly awaiting. At first he was kind of rambling like the cute old man he is. He was talking sbout parents teaching their children the right lessons in life early. And then all the sudden he said one line that perked my ears,

"Soon you'll graduate and the only thing that will matter is that your family is together forever."

I felt the spirit so strong when he said that and I felt as if he was talking straight to me from the Lord. I don't know why, but the two things I've been worrying about lately is graduation and my family, and he calmed most of my fears with that line. He then went on to give our stake blessings and all that good stuff. Then again he had my attention by saying something along the lines of, "I bless all of those with concerns about illnesses upon your loved ones. And may they be healed if it be the will of the Lord."

Oh wow I love Elder Nelson. I realize now I need to worry more about the eternal perspective than worrying about the whole college thing. I realized I need to worry more about the time that I have with my family and especially Kevin now than worrying about the times I may not have with him. Because if we do lose him, it's not a goodbye, it's a see you later. I need to trust the Lord and see that he has more knowledge than me. The Plan of Salvation is real and the Gospel is true.

Coming home

Longest weekend of my life? Check. Done. Finite.
I can finally relax. Sorta.

Homecoming was the shortest but funnest (yes, funnest) date I've probably ever been on!
Some highlights:

+Seeing Haley Burrell whom I haven't seen for FOUR freaking years!
+Fitting 10 people in Bao's pilot and almost dying multiple times
+Rushing to get ready for Homecoming and barely making the marching band competition awards ceremony
+Seeing all the other schools drum majors and guard captains look at us all confused
"Why are you wearing your normal clothes?"
+Bao messing up the salute. It was like Jasmine and Anna dejavu...
+Fake salutes
+Blasting Party Rock Anthem in the car driving to the dance
+"I have to warn you, I have epilepsy."
+Bao opening all my doors and escorting me everywhere :)
+Using Jake's cane as a limbo stick at the dance. That was number one.
+Slow dancing like 10 feet away from each other "for the sake of the band."
+Everyone attempting to shuffle. That was a fail. Lolz.
+Going to get delicious crepes. Oh my Allah they were soooo good.

Thank you my PIE for taking me to Homecoming for a grrrreat night! Sorry I never officially answered you...whoops.
But I'll make it up to you somehow!


Ugggghhhh. That's all I have to say.

I. Hate. Room assignments. Hate em.

They make such awkward situations.

"Do you maybe wanna room with me?"

I'm always the orphan nomad child. Por que?
Everytime the band rooming list goes up, everyone scrambles, ready with 4 predetermined people to write down. And where am I? Looking around like a lost bunny rabbit.
People want to room with me, but they just want to room with someone else more. Or they already "promised somebody else." Same with dance. All the juniors are always together. And seniors aren't that cool I guess

But no worries. The room assignments always end up working out....I guess.
At least this year, I'm with my bestie, Chrissy, FINALLY! And Hannah who is a riot! And some other unsuspecting girl who we will have fun with no matter what and be sayin "are you jealous yet?" allllll tour long.

Plus 5 lbs of gummy bears and unlimited swedish fish. Yeah, it's okay to be jealous now.


Coke. Easy ice.

Some good quotes from the day:
(sorry there may be swearing, but hey, I believe in free speech)


"Sherryn, why don't you move the hell away from there?"

"I need to stop telling racist jokes because that's a crime and crimes are for black people."

"But driving loads of children is a lot different than driving loads of dirt."

"I have 100% hearing."

"Stupid Italians. Go back to pasta."

"I especially love you....and you!"


"The boys tried to sneak their iTouches to school. I'm a former teacher. Grandma didn't let that happen."

If none or little of these made sense, then I feel sorry that you're not apart of my family :)