Riddle me this

right now:
Person I want to hang out with the most right now? Kent Schmutz. That way we can gossip.

Funniest moment of my day? Jake Callahan genuinely falling of off a spinning chair.

Most critical lifeblood right now? Vanilla Coke. and occasionally Smarties

The thing I'm most worried about? Marching band jackets. and....end of term.

Favorite word to say? Cuddleslut. Try it. It's fun.

Thing I want to do most? Go to a real BYU Marching Band rehearsal

Thing that irks me the most? She asked you to Sadie's.....wow I really must like you...I guess....

Most surprising? The epilogue to the story of the worst date. Didn't see that coming.

Instrument I wish I could play? Clarinet. Oh wait. done.

Best friends? Danielle Sowers and Chase Weight. They should get a medal for all the listening they do because of my venting that they have to endure.

Person I want to be most like? Maren Christensen. She's a saint.

Cutest kid in preschool? Ethan Francis a.k.a. Nate Francis' little brother. I want one.

Job options? None

Newest discovery? Tightening your stomach muscles in fact does help playing clarinet. Thanks Emileigh!

Place I wish I was most? Texas. Schertz, Texas.

Weirdest realization? I'm a senior

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  1. Most awesome person in all of Timpview High School?
    Nicole Hopkinson.

    I miss you, sista.