Proud and defiant

Because I'm 90% no one really reads this thing, I think it's safe to post this picture and let the audience make any assumption they want pertaining to what actually happened. However, I will still deny everything you say.

(You see, it's funny because I was wearing my "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish footie pajamas and I didn't even realize it.)


Appreciate the here and now

Life is so fragile.

Sometimes I get too comfortable and I forget that we all have an individual, divine purpose here.
I don't ever want something like this or this to have to remind me that with my own family.
As I came across this close to home story about this young man, I also came across one of my old posts (that you can read here) talking about when Elder Nelson came to talk to my stake. The words he spoke to us about sick loved ones stirred up in my mind again.

My brother, Kevin.
Sometimes I complain about him, and other times I become resentful of the situation, but I'm grateful and saddened by the experiences that have to bring me back down to truly see the gift of a brother I have. I can't imagine what it will be like the day if - or when - we lose him. Unfortunately, it's the reality we face. Although none of us are perfect, I am eternally grateful for the brothers and the family I was given here on this earth. And I know without a doubt in my mind that families are forever.

He never complains. Well, he never complains about the life he was given. He's always optimistic about the future. He is honestly one of the funniest kids I know and he always laughs at my jokes too, even if they're not funny.
Love you, Shankapottamus.

He hates this picture.

Military ball

On the San Clemente pier

RoboHitler and the Third Reich

How he acts every day of his life.

 Bruther and seester

BYU football for LYPHE

He's always wanted to be an ice cream taste tester.

Unexpected homecoming
But he returned with honor.

Basically, I just want to say I love my brother Kevin (and Andy and my parents). And when I sent him a quick text with my love, he was a bit confused as I had never done that before. But that's the point, I had never done that before and I wanted him to know it with a surety that I do indeed love him.

Brothers and sisters, this Gospel is real and the Atonement does work. 


Pink flamingos in the pool

Sometimes, even when you go to college, things stay exactly the same.
Like finding roommates, for example.

In high school, no matter WHAT activity I was involved in that was going on a tour of some sorts, finding roommates was the bane of my existence. I was good enough friends with most everybody on my team or in the band that I never singled myself out to one particular person. And no one ever attached themselves to me either.

Like this for example:

Did this ^ ever happen to me in high school? Maybe like once. But never on purpose.
I recently rediscovered this and realized that like I said above, sometimes things just never change.

So in the quest for the perfect apartment to live in, I'm missing just one thing. ONE. (Actually I'm missing a lot of things like the actual apartment....but that's besides the point.) 
Roommates. I don't have them, as always. 
So we're back to square one, Nicole. 

With my cool, current roommates and everyone else in the freaking universe going on a mission, it's hard to cautiously weave my way through the remaining candidates and convince them that I'd be a freaking blast to room with. But seriously. Behold the top 10 reasons why I'd be the perfect roommate.

10. I can provide endless ideas for music videos and will even choreograph them. For free.
9. I've become REALLY good at making scrambled eggs. They are so good, and I'll make them for you.
8. I have ALL knowledge of the BYU bookstore and will share it with you on the occasions you need it.
7. I'll let you borrow my clothes because I'm just that nice. (footie pajamas included)
6. I'm a really good listener. You're a really good talker? I'm your girl.
5. I don't snore.
4. I have a caaaaarrrrr. 
3. I love America
2.5 I send pretty hilarious snapchats.
2. I have a Pinocchio marionette doll
1. I make really good baby dinosaur noises.

It's as simple as that, people. Take it or leave it, but take a stance, and take it.