Home, where I wanted to go.


I have them.

I'm living at the home for the summer. I know, I know. I'm that Provo girl. Trust me, it's great fun.
I know that right now it's what I'm supposed to be doing, although sometimes it's hard to realize that. I'm saving money so that I might be the independent woman I've always dreamed of (we all know I'm talking about Rosie the Riveter here) and move out and pay for most of it on my own. I figured the more ties I cut with my parentals who live in P-town, the better. Then I won't be the "girl living at her parent's who has no friends". But I hate rules. I. HATE. THEM. Just kidding. I thrive for rules and structure. But only if it's rules that I actually like and want to follow. I know, I'm hard to please. So when I suddenly have to revert back to following rules and "curfews" and checking in with my parents and cancel all my reckless behavior (or at least that's the behavior my parents would call it), it's hard. And yes, I would like some cheese with my whine. Cheddar, please.

I also can't decide what ward to go to.
If I stay in my home ward, they'll give me a calling, I just know it. I'd also be going alone as my brothers attend the singles ward and my parents are in a BYU ward bishopric. And lately, I like sliding past the radar unnoticed. I did my duty as primary teacher last summer. And let me tell you, I failed. The second I confirm that my records will stay in the good 'ole Sherwood Hills ward, those bishopric members will pounce like our neighborhood cougar pounced on the Gray family's poor cat. And then I will be stuck. Or dead.

On the other hand, I could go to the stake singles ward. Whoop de doo. Tag a long with my most popular, older brothers and mingle with old, desperate RM's? Sign me up!

Or I could take the last and most desirable option I've come up with which is to go "inactive" and become a  ward hopper who goes to missionary farewells all summer. Okay cool, that was my plan all along.

Should I just give up my dreams of a fun summer vacation and work till I collapse? Should I move out summer term and go to school? WHAT DO I DO. The second I think I have things decided, new, shiny options are presented before me. And boy do I like shiny things.

Well, on we go with life and I think I'll just mull things over for a bit while I'm in Washington D.C. 
See ya, folks.


Penrose 89

Ah, what a glorious place to live. 

This is the story of how I lucked out. 

Originally when I got my housing date, I was for sure thinking I could get into New Heritage. It was new, fancy, functioning....you know- the perfect place to live. I mean, just look at it. Big/new kitchens, big/new living rooms, big/new everything. What's not to love?

But only when my housing date got closer did I actually come to the realization that living there wasn't going to happen and I probably wasn't even going to get into Old Heritage. Now people, this was a heartbreaking moment of Nicole's life. My grandma and my mom both lived there. I went to EFY and stayed in those dorms for 3 years. I had grown up 18 years set on the fact that I would GO to BYU and GO to live in the Old Heritage dorms. There was NO second option.

I remember very distinctly that on April 4th, 2012, I was on a bus driving to Payson High School for Symphonic's Band region performance to conclude our spring tour. Right after we warmed up and right before we performed, I was outside in the hallway, on the phone with my mom, trying to talk things out with her. I gave her our best case scenario, Plan B's, last resorts, EVERYTHING. She would click on a room in Wyview (the only housing left I would even think of living at), read the roommate descriptions, and I would yea or nay it. I nay'ed most of them. It was getting so frustrating that I remember saying, "Mom, I just don't care anymore. Pick the one you think is the best. I have to go perform now." 

Well, I performed, I got home, looked at my room, stalked my roommates, and nothing felt right. I always hate when people say that something just doesn't feel right, because what does "not feeling right" feel like? But let me tell you people, that was one of the only times that I have experienced that "feeling". I was not going to live in Wyview. That's the only thing I knew. I don't know how many room swap requests I placed, but eventually I got to a room in Wyview that seemed doable. One Sunday, my mom and I went driving past the apartments and went into the parking to map it all out and check it out. She was being really encouraging and hopeful and I refused to smile. This wasn't just some "other plan" that Heavenly Father had for me. I knew I wasn't supposed to live there. 

Then one day, my mom texted me at work and told me I had gotten into Old Heritage. Every Monday and Wednesday they released the rooms that people dropped out of for whatever reason and we had both been trying to get into a room for a couple weeks. I was in disbelief. My BYU experience was about to be complete. Then I got home and the first thing I did was stalk the future roommates (obvi). It didn't look bad at all! I somehow still thought I could get into New Heritage. Case in point, my first conversation with the roommates:

[For some reason, we thought our room was in the basement and neither of us wanted that. When we found out that we were actually on the 2nd floor, our world was made]

Anyways, I ended up staying in the NOT basement room of Penrose Hall with these 5 lovely ladies. And I am oh so grateful. I found out that the girl who was originally in my room decided not to go to BYU or something like that and to that girl, I love you. Thanks for giving up your room, because I love these girls more than you ever could or would have. Ha. That was rude. Don't care. 

Why this picture describes Penrose 89.
Well, why it describes everyone's true personalities. 

Kahlie was always smiling. Always happy. Always awesome. She doesn't judge you. She just smiles at you. And I love her smile. Because she is gorgeous.

Sharon was always laughing at us. When things got lost in translation, things got real funny real quick. All you have to do is say her name and she'll probably start laughing. 

Shannon has this outward appearance of niceness (which she really is) and then on the inside, she's crazy. This picture shows her face when she was probably coming up with one of her ideas. Actually, she was probably just defending herself from our constant attacks on her favorite movie The Last Unicorn.

I don't know what Rachel was doing. Which was pretty standard. She would just smile at us the whole time and suddenly, she would be doing something that came out of no where. 

Emma secretly attracted all the men. This was her doing so. She could be a model if she wanted. She's that cool. As long as she looks good and has a hunky man for a husband, life will be good.

Couldn't make an appearance in the photo because she is currently serving the Lord. She probably would have been making some dancing pose trying to dance. 

And then there's me. Facepalming and shaking my head, secretly wondering why I'm there. 
Well it's no secret now. 

I love these girls. 


Land of opportunities

Normally I don't talk politics, and on a Sunday no less. But you know what? This is just too good to skip.

If you don't know me, I'm a staunch conservative. Get over it.
I'm also a Bill O'Reilly fan. Get over it.

I'm currently reading his older book Culture Warrior  and it's amazing.
Anyways, here's what basically sums up my whole thoughts on this country and this government:

"[Some] believe that the government has an obligation to provide Americans with prosperity and happiness. This philosophy is, of course, in direct conflict with the vision of the Founding Fathers. They did not want government to provide, they wanted it to get out of our way. They imagined a system whereby freedom and capitalism would give most Americans an opportunity to pursue happiness. What you did with that opportunity was up to you."

-Bill O'Reilly, Culture Warrior, p.114-115

Dang straight. God bless America.


Get prepared for another band post.....

Lizzy and Jon
Maria and Mariana
Jon and Ryan
Bethany and Shane
Zach and David
Bao and Nicole
Jonathan and Christian
Jake and Nate

and now...

Alexa and Christian!

I was privileged to be invited back and help make this important decision for the Timpview Band. The thing is, I get so sentimental and take this so serious because each year, this day completely changes two sophomores lives. Not to mention the hundreds of band kids they will one day be leading! And that's no exaggeration.

See this here picture?

My audition number for my drum major auditions. 
Circa 2010. (3 years ago if you can't do math)

Call me crazy and sappy and a hoarder, but you don't get it.
You wouldn't get it unless your name was one of the names on the list up there 
(which extends a lot past those names might I add)
You might get it a little.
But there is no way in Hell (ahem, excuse me) that I would be the person I am today without each and every little experience - good and bad - that I had while serving as one of the Timpview Drum Majors.

And you better believe I am so thankful for it all.
I am so excited for these two kids and their future! 
They'll be a lot better than I was, for sure!


You always had an eye for things that glittered

But really.

Let me ask you this simple question, dear audience:

Does a girl have to have a reason for wearing a skirt?
Does a woman have to have a reason to wear lipstick, a frilly shirt tucked in a skirt and feel nice?


I say nay.

Or maybe it just happens to me and me alone. Because I kid you not, every time I wear the above mentioned outfit to work and school, people question it. 

"Oh, are you going to the temple after this?"


"Do you have a presentation for a class?"


"Then, do you have some fancy date with a cute guy?"

NO, kind sir. I'm a lonely soul who likes to occasionally wear nice attire, because hey, you know what? It's a nice warm, spring day and I feel like puttin the flirt on with my clothes, DEAL WITH IT.


Big block of cheese day

When you don't want to do homework, you'll come up with almost anything to avoid it.

Also, I've been feeling pretty sentimental lately.

Also, also, if you're not in this and you're offended, just chillax. I love you anyways.


The universe doesn't owe you a boyfriend

Been trying to explain this to myself lately.
The humor makes it seem easier to believe.
But it's true nonetheless :)

Nothing left to say

And then he left.

Elder Weight, that is.

Gone, into the empty sea.

He's going to be the greatest missionary I think I will ever know. No joke.
He's stuck with me through everything for the past 7 years since we became friends in 7th grade.
I wish him the greatest.

Tchau, Elder.

Can't wait to see how you change the world!