Land of opportunities

Normally I don't talk politics, and on a Sunday no less. But you know what? This is just too good to skip.

If you don't know me, I'm a staunch conservative. Get over it.
I'm also a Bill O'Reilly fan. Get over it.

I'm currently reading his older book Culture Warrior  and it's amazing.
Anyways, here's what basically sums up my whole thoughts on this country and this government:

"[Some] believe that the government has an obligation to provide Americans with prosperity and happiness. This philosophy is, of course, in direct conflict with the vision of the Founding Fathers. They did not want government to provide, they wanted it to get out of our way. They imagined a system whereby freedom and capitalism would give most Americans an opportunity to pursue happiness. What you did with that opportunity was up to you."

-Bill O'Reilly, Culture Warrior, p.114-115

Dang straight. God bless America.

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