Yo listen up, here's a story.

It’s time for more Hopkinson family scripts:

Situation numero uno:
Back in the days when Kevin and I were both in young men/young womens, we had a combined lesson where the Young Men's President (I think) was using an object lesson

BROTHER CHRISTENSEN: How do you eat an elephant?
OTHER KIDS: (Speaking in a "duh" sort of tone) Bite by bite!
KEVIN: No. You shoot it first
Kevin and I proceed to laugh while all the other adolescents look at us with mortified expressions.

Situation 2:
The fam and I went to the wonderful Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU MOA. We got done and went downstairs where they had magnifying glasses to examine the art and whatnot.

ANDY: (Picks up a magnifying glass, holds it up to Kevin and pauses)....Poor craftsmanship!

Situation 3:
Hopkinson family Christmas Eve dinner
ANDY: There's more food here than Thanksgiving!
KEVIN: That's because Jesus is more important than the Indians.

Situation 4:
I had a deep intense conversation with my aunt
SHANNON: What do they call the little pictures on My Little Pony's butt?
NICOLE: Tattoos

Situation 5:
Andy was pirating things online, as usual.
ANDY: Anybody want to watch the new Tron tonight?
MOM: How'd you get that? It's not out yet.
ANDY: It's out in India.