Recall: even if the sky is falling down

It's amazing how quickly things can change.
Today was a hard day
But it was all a mistake
My emotions were running high and they got the best of me
And the moment I was attempting to calm myself down and tell myself it wasn't the end of the world, the greatest and nicest people in the history of existence intervened.

Laura, Steph, and Chrissy comforted me on the third saddest day of my young life (sounds pathetic I know). They also brought tidings of great joy and happy cola which made the misunderstanding so much more bareable. They are so sweet for thinking of me and I love them so much. SOOOO much. There is no possible way I would survive without them!

¿Por que?

Today was just one of those days I wanted to kick a trash can as hard as I could and make an impact. I wanted to throw something as hard as I could. I wanted to rip something apart. I wanted to pull some random bystander off the street and strangle him. I wanted to scream as loud as I could and hear the echo. I wanted to smile but hard as I tried I couldn't manage. I was just about to break down and cry. But don't worry. I waited till I got home.

It shouldn't be that important.
It shouldn't be that life-altering
It shouldn't be that universe-shattering

but it is

I'm asking myself all sorts of questions


HIM?!?! Grumble

Will it ever happen?

Oh brother, really? Thats all I get?

It wasn't that bad. You know me


.....the world may never know....