¿Por que?

Today was just one of those days I wanted to kick a trash can as hard as I could and make an impact. I wanted to throw something as hard as I could. I wanted to rip something apart. I wanted to pull some random bystander off the street and strangle him. I wanted to scream as loud as I could and hear the echo. I wanted to smile but hard as I tried I couldn't manage. I was just about to break down and cry. But don't worry. I waited till I got home.

It shouldn't be that important.
It shouldn't be that life-altering
It shouldn't be that universe-shattering

but it is

I'm asking myself all sorts of questions


HIM?!?! Grumble

Will it ever happen?

Oh brother, really? Thats all I get?

It wasn't that bad. You know me


.....the world may never know....

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