More than miles in my rearview

I always found it funny stupid when watching Disney channel how they started movies with school just getting out for the summer and every single person was hugging and crying and saying their goodbyes to their friends for the summer.

Okay. Like....what?

Don't those stupid people know that they will most defs see each other throughout the summer? You go to the same school for crying out loud. You must live close to each other. And plus, if you are that sad that about "not seeing a friend over the summer because school is out and you won't get to see them everyday" I'M SURE YOU WOULD MAKE SURE YOU SAW THEM THAT SUMMER. Duh. Like, come on people.
I'm sorry for yelling, it's just quite a passion of mine to inform these naive characters that there is no reason to cry and freak out and say goodbye for forever. You'll see each other soon, I promise.

The ironic part of this whole story is that now, I'm the one having to do this exact thing I always hated on.
My friends actually WILL be leaving for the whole summer. or perhaps longer.....
Better say your goodbyes now, or you'll never get to, Nicole.

You'll see each other soon, Nicole, I promise.


I've never seen this side of you

Ah, the safe haven of my own blog.
Facebook is killing me, smalls. Everywhere I look I see stupid debates. People intrigue me and I love to people watch and see how different persons react in situations, so normally this is interesting to me to sit back and watch. But this, my friends, is out of control.

I've learned recently to keep my own opinions to myself. Not that voicing your opinion is a bad thing - quite the opposite! But I've gotten in trouble a lot in the past by doing so and I live in close quarters with people who have different views than mine on a lot of issues. We've all silently agreed to not bring it up and respect each other and it has worked out quite well.

I'm also naturally a fence sitter. I like to see both sides of the argument and pick out pros and cons till I'm satisfied. And the issue of gay marriage is definitely one of those issues on the fence. However, I admit that there is a lot more to that argument that I know and will ever know with all the legislation and sorts. I do know however that I want to be married and sealed in one of Heavenly Father's temples on this earth and anything that will jeopardize that does not align with my personal views unless Heavenly Father says otherwise. He's the boss. I also sustain the Prophet and trust his knowledge more than my own.

With that being said, I don't know if I have an opinion yet on the whole gay marriage legalization topic, but I do know that I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Beyond that, I'm still honestly trying to figure out all the details. Dang you for being indecisive, Nicole.
I came across an article though that describes a lot on how I feel. This is an excerpt of the 13 year old girl who spoke at the Utah capitol today. This argument I don't think can be contradicted and is a side that I think everyone should consider before making any decision.

"In my US history class, studying Thomas Jefferson was sometimes difficult. He was always talking about “inalienable rights” and saying things like “we hold these truths to be self-evident.” It took me a couple of tries, but I think I get it now. Here’s why:
“On the day I was born, I automatically had a relationship with my mother and father. I’ve heard that my mom was exhausted but still insisted on holding me close. Dad was bouncing off the walls, calling everyone to tell them the good news. All this, and they had only known me for a matter of seconds. That’s the power of a biological bond. It happens naturally. That’s what ‘self-evident’ means.
“Whether you call it nature or God, each of us exists only through a mom and a dad. Every person has that exact same birthright. If ever I was ‘endowed by my Creator with certain unalienable rights,’ this is it—to be born with a mom and dad. Why? Because it is impossible to be born any other way. Traditional marriage is designed to protect this inalienable right given by our Creator. When we redefine marriage, we begin to fight against the inalienable rights of children. Tonight I am here to represent all children, and I would like to say one more thing in our behalf. We hold these truths to be self-evident, it takes a mom and a dad to create a child, so it takes a mom and a dad to raise one.”

Don't judge, just go hug a sloth.
Peace out.


I'm Mr. Brightside

It's okay that my water bottle spilled all over everything in my backpack, because at least I have a backpack and at least my computer wasn't in there.

It's okay that I didn't check the weather forecast this morning and didn't know it would snow because at least I luckily wore a jacket with a hood to keep me semi warm.

It's okay that I messed up my American Heritage test times with another test and missed taking it because I picked HARVARD (yeah, that's right) and my bracket is doing great!

It's okay that today is cleaning checks and I'll probably fail them, because I'm failing them to go to the IMAGINE DRAGONS CONCERT.

Always look on the bright side of life. It's all about the attitude. *cheesy grin*


Sweet Disposition

Heavenly Father is ALWAYS aware of each of us. I'm trying to look for his hand a lot more in my life lately because I know it will bring a lot more joy and peace if I do so.

I have a testimony of tender mercies. Ha. That sounds weird.
But really. I do.

He knew that I needed a much anticipated road trip to California with my best friends.
He knew that I needed that 98% on my Sociology test (GUYS. Sociology feels SO GOOD)
He knew that I needed Imagine Dragons in my life. Oh and that I needed to see them twice.
He knew I needed the friends that I have.
He knew I needed roommates that weren't perfect so that I would have to work at loving them. We're getting along better than ever and I know that He's behind that.
He knows that I need patience. Goodness, do I need patience.

I'm not writing all this to brag and boast; in fact I have so many reasons to be stressed and mad and angry and whiny and lazy. But that's why He is there. I am so much happier when I focus on other things - the good things. I refuse to continue to make my "why I suck" list. It's unnecessary and life doesn't need more negative things like that. Life is coming at me fast and I'm gonna make it a happy party.


wish I could recklessly love

How do you love someone who doesn't want your love?
How do you help someone who doesn't want your help?

These are the questions I am dealing with.

I don't know where my life is going; I kind of just take it day by day lately, hoping some big revelation will appear. But we all know that's not how it works. This whole decade of decision thing is scary. As was said in my stake conference today, "The decisions that you make in the next five years will effect you for the rest of eternity." Oh, you know, NO BIG DEAL. But guess what, it's defs a KBD.

Sometimes, I wonder what I'm doing. I say to myself, "dearest Father in heaven, WHERE DO YOU WANT ME TO GO." I've been learning lately what it really means to be happy. I'm glad I have the knowledge of who I truly am. Sure I'm still developing some much needed skills I don't have yet, but I have a pretty clear idea of the kind of person I was, I am, and what I want to become. Life would be pretty hard to go through without that knowledge. I just pray that I can be an instrument in the Lord's hand to help other people understand that and help them become happy.