Sweet Disposition

Heavenly Father is ALWAYS aware of each of us. I'm trying to look for his hand a lot more in my life lately because I know it will bring a lot more joy and peace if I do so.

I have a testimony of tender mercies. Ha. That sounds weird.
But really. I do.

He knew that I needed a much anticipated road trip to California with my best friends.
He knew that I needed that 98% on my Sociology test (GUYS. Sociology feels SO GOOD)
He knew that I needed Imagine Dragons in my life. Oh and that I needed to see them twice.
He knew I needed the friends that I have.
He knew I needed roommates that weren't perfect so that I would have to work at loving them. We're getting along better than ever and I know that He's behind that.
He knows that I need patience. Goodness, do I need patience.

I'm not writing all this to brag and boast; in fact I have so many reasons to be stressed and mad and angry and whiny and lazy. But that's why He is there. I am so much happier when I focus on other things - the good things. I refuse to continue to make my "why I suck" list. It's unnecessary and life doesn't need more negative things like that. Life is coming at me fast and I'm gonna make it a happy party.

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