We are weak, but thou art strong

Ladies and gentlemen,

I did it!

I conquered my fears. And Heavenly Father was there every step of the way to comfort and strengthen me.
I'm not sure what everyone else thought, but I guess that's what I've learned in the past couple months - that it don't matter. I did my best (with a sore throat and fever might I add) and I gave it my all. And somewhere, I know that Heavenly Father is proud of me.

Maybe someday, I'll even be good again!


All I have

As of late:
I miss my people.
Everyone is leaving on missions. Bye bye.
I will be here for the summer. Alone. In provo. Alone.
Here are some pictures:

we've entered this realm.
but it's not what you think

yeah this happened.

guess who can waterfall braid?
pinterest status, dawg.

I've turned to the arty side.

It's not my fault I locked them out...
Just look at them. They were asking for it.

Documenting Lauren's first ever doctors appointment

My family > your family

This boy finally got his Eagle.

"I hope they have dancing at the ward party."

Chase's angry face.

Proof my dad is "The Chosen One" in the family



Aaaaand welcome to a day in the life of me where Sharon steals my phone.
Payback's a bench.


Life's no fun without a good scare.

Halloween in college is far superior.
I saw THE best costumes on campus and it just brightened my cute little day.
Also, I had 3 different costumes - all pretty awesome and original if I might say so myself.

This was my ward Halloween party at our Bishop's house. 
And Penrose 89 decided to go as Disney hipster princesses. We were a hit.

Ignore the fact that I don't have black hair and accept that I was a great hipster Snow White.

Aurora, Cinderella, Mulan, Snow White, and Pocahontas.

Our dear friend Ben as Katniss.
He played the role quite well.

Wednesday morning
Working at the bookstore means a cutthroat competition during Halloween for the best costumes.
My department (Ecommerce) won 2nd last year and 3rd the year before that. Convinced that this was their year to win, and after seeing my track record of Halloween group costumes, they put me - the youngest and newest member of the office - in charge.
We came up with Pacman and then I made these costumes with my bare hands.

Mid-shift girls

The cutest ghosts in town.

Did we win?
of course we did.

Wednesday night
we trick or treated. get over it.

The one and only Amelia Earhart.

A druggie hippy, young Voldemort/Tom Riddle, and Amelia.
deal with it.

and that's a wrap for another successful Halloween.