I wanna be a star

sometimes I imagine my life as a hit reality TV show. No big deal.
But especially dance.

Can't you just imagine them doing a show about high school ballroom teams and the drama that comes with competitions around Utah?
Maybe not....but I can!
Everytime I dance I feel like there are cameras all around me. And then after something happens, one of us is on screen commenting on what just happened or there thoughts on a new routine. Plus they have that cute little caption down below that says their name.
It would be great, would it not?

I even thought of one scene:

It's lunch break after a long day of dance camp:
everyone is casually lounging on the floor or eating at a table discussing the new developments on team.
We have 3 new peeps. A Texan, a tar heel, and a Polish boy
We also have a new coach.
What are your thoughts?

"Well, he's nicer than Tia."

 followed by a video clip of last year with Tia yelling at Varsity.
Captioned "Previous Season"

We love and miss you Tia. And we know you secretly do too!

But that's besides the point.

My life seriously could be a reality TV show.
Little do you know it already is.


It's my party I can cry if I want to

So basically it's my birthday....Yaya

And I'm 17. Woot

I can officially and legally.....

-Apparate in the magical world
-Do magic in the magical world
-Go to R-rated movies
-Drink illegally for one more year (says yahoo)
-Still date
-Still drive
-Apply for a private pilots license for a plane, helicopter, gyroplane, hot air balloon, an airship. I'll get right on that.
-Donate blood (not gonna happen. sorry world. get over it. I'm a horrible person)
-Leave my body for a medical study. (???)
-Be interviewed by the police without an adult present
-Join the army

...annndd...pretty much that's all I found.
17 is a great age
And I'm only interested in the magical stuff. Lolz

On this day of "coming of age" (in the wizarding world that is), I am grateful for my true friends that genuinely care about me. And I found out who they were today. Not to rag on my other great friends, but you really do see who loves you and people's true personalities. They lifted me up today when I needed them most and none of them realized they did.
that's what I call a friend
And I have the best ones they's gots.

only 365 days until I turn 18. Word


Nothing lasts forever but the Earth and sky

I thought about this the other day.
I moved to Provo UT, June 17th, 2006. (Don't ask me how I remember things like that)
It is now July 11th, 2011.
o. m.
So basically it's been 5 years since I moved. Crazy, aye?

I was the shyest 11 year old on the block. I was turning 12 and my best friend tried to help me meet people by going into soccer. Well that failed because I sucked at soccer and those girls were absolute jerks.
It's true what they say about middle school being the most awkward time in a person's life. Because that was me. Awkward beyond belief.

I went through 7th and 8th grade, hating every minute of it. Hating that I lived in Utah instead of Texas.
But I dealt with it. And eventually became a high school freshman.
and now a high school senior

I guess it takes 5 years to figure out what I want out of life.
It takes 5 years to make leaps and bounds to becoming closer to the person I want to be.
It takes that long to make drastic changes in your life and learn lessons because of it.

five years can make such a big difference.
in another five years, I could be married
It's been so long yet so short. 
But it's all been for the best and I wouldn't have it any other way

happy 5th anniversary
everybody wang chung tonight. 


God bless the freaking USA :)

I love America

yep. I am supes patriotic. Like, a lot.
I love red white and blue.
And I love this time of year.
Driving around seeing flags blowing in the wind in almost everyone's front yard is the greatest.
Everyone is proud of their country.
America is number one. No question.

Rock on America.


Cool story, Hansel

I would just like to announce to the whole world that I, Nicole Marie Hopkinson, am now taking clarinet lessons.


But it's like, the best thing that's ever happened to me. Like fo reals. I don't know why I didn't start sooner in life.
Pssssh. Screw private dance lessons. Who needs those?
I've learned so much already in two 30 minute lessons with Emileigh. And it pushes me to actually practice. Haha. Yeah, I practice now. And I like it. So eat it.

Today, for example, I came home from our last day of summer band (tear) and was supes excited to practice. That never happens. Emileigh had given me some stuff in the lesson that I pretty much sucked at and I was determined to make it better. And I did. Somewhat. I was angry this morning so I made a story like she told me to, and played with so much emotion I almost cried. It was a good way to relax and vent emotions to myself. Music is grand.

Being first chair scares me. But I think if I work hard in these lessons, I'll actually get something done and improve and be first chair worthy. Maybe. High notes, sight reading, scales, solos, all that jazz. Yeah I'm scared. But I can do it. If I just struggle with it like Steve Irwin used to wrestle with alligators, something good is bound to happen, right? But then Steve died. Maybe I'll die if I play too much. Hmmmm... oh well. Anyways, I'm excited for the challenges to come and to make mega improvements.

and now for your entertainment. Clarinet Boy:

Welcome to the Hotel California

It's times like this where I wish I could have a pensieve and siphon out all my thoughts for y'all. There's way to much swimming in my wittle head right now.

*Some times you just have horrible dates. And some times you just have horrible days. Some times, they occur on the same day.


*17th birthday in 17 days. For hollaz!

*Summer band is over. Sad day Jose.

*Boys are stupid. Throw rocks AND snowballs at them

*ugh. ugh.. ugh. ugh. ugh. the end

*What is the meaning of life?

*I really like cheese and friendship bracelets. Yes and Steph Tidwell a.k.a. my saving grace

*Why can't I have a freaking puppy??

*Lagoon and DCI come sooner. Then I get to escape stupid Provo and hang out with my besties.
All. Day. Long

*Would people who are going to Europe not rub it in my face? Thanks. I'll shut up about Pearl Harbor too if it helps.

*No I will not clean that room.

Life is just getting interesting. And I'm gearing up for more drama and action. It's pretty much like a movie right now.