I wanna be a star

sometimes I imagine my life as a hit reality TV show. No big deal.
But especially dance.

Can't you just imagine them doing a show about high school ballroom teams and the drama that comes with competitions around Utah?
Maybe not....but I can!
Everytime I dance I feel like there are cameras all around me. And then after something happens, one of us is on screen commenting on what just happened or there thoughts on a new routine. Plus they have that cute little caption down below that says their name.
It would be great, would it not?

I even thought of one scene:

It's lunch break after a long day of dance camp:
everyone is casually lounging on the floor or eating at a table discussing the new developments on team.
We have 3 new peeps. A Texan, a tar heel, and a Polish boy
We also have a new coach.
What are your thoughts?

"Well, he's nicer than Tia."

 followed by a video clip of last year with Tia yelling at Varsity.
Captioned "Previous Season"

We love and miss you Tia. And we know you secretly do too!

But that's besides the point.

My life seriously could be a reality TV show.
Little do you know it already is.

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