Bust A Move

the body should not be allowed to move like this
yet it does
so I enjoy :)


me gusta

On Sunday August 14th,
I am grateful for:

-straight, pearly white teeth
-nice citizens who give you tips that add up to $5
-clarinet teachers who are willing to write and arrange a sacrament meeting appropriate clarinet duet specifically for me
-Bao : who keeps me company at work and threatens to beat up hooligan teenagers who are messing with me at work
-Jared : who has such a kind, sweet spirit and was willing to take out the trash and keep me safe from said teenagers
-Kent : who throws fruit roll ups at Surf N Slurps window for me. And who invites and offers rides to said hooligans to Wendy's
-Wendy : who always has a smile on her cute little face and who is always willing to accept and join in on our random late night Wendy's runs. Oh, and laugh at our not-so-funny jokes
-mangoes. No particular reason. I just am
-My brother, Andy : who watches YouTube videos with me like there is no tomorrow
-Marching band. Oh how i am thankful for this.
-my legs, even though they are having a twitchy spasm attack at the moment


Why did I trill here?

School starts in almost one week. Meeehhhhh
And I'm so excited.

But I'm secretly so scared.

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the position I was put in at the end of last school year (especially since it was a nice little change from the 3rd clarinet mishap). But being 1st chair scares me to death.
That was one of the main reasons I started taking lessons with Emileigh over the summer. And yes, I will admit I have made lots of improvements. But I still have light years of skill ahead of me. But what if I'm not good enough? Yeah yeah, typical what if question. But it's the main scary thought entering my head on a daily basis. I will try my absolute hardest to succeed. I will. But let's face it, I will never be a Zachary Giddings or a Rebecca Devonas or a first chair flute prodigy, Kate Cutchins.

Somebody pray for me because I will need all the divine intervention I can get this year.


My worst critic

Alert the masses! The braces are OFF! It's a miracle and I'm aboslutely loving it.

And I now have this new found confidence that I haven't had since I was probably like 8. no kidding.

I am finally okay with myself.
Sometimes though, things I do never seem enough for anyone, especially my family.

Becoming drum major and being actively involved with band didn't seem to impress anyone, except my mother. Not that it should gain reward and praise, but a nice congrats from my grandma and others would have been nice.

Yeah I know I copied Lynnsay by doing ballroom. But want to know a little secret? Her being in Dance III, is copying me. But nobody would have guessed that. And I'm not as talented as her anyway. I'm not allowed to dress fashionably either.

I understand Aubrey's had a hard life and our side of the family needs to show extra love, but when I was told that our graduations will not be on the same day, I will admit it was a relief. Because let's face it, if they were on the same day, Grandma and Grandpa would definitely go to hers. And I would understand and put on this show of being okay, but honestly, I wouldn't. I'm not.

Plus she get's invited on the house boat. Do I? no

Nothing I do is ever good enough.
But I'm being better at not caring.
I do what I do and I try to do well.
Screw what the world thinks.

here comes the real Nicole