me gusta

On Sunday August 14th,
I am grateful for:

-straight, pearly white teeth
-nice citizens who give you tips that add up to $5
-clarinet teachers who are willing to write and arrange a sacrament meeting appropriate clarinet duet specifically for me
-Bao : who keeps me company at work and threatens to beat up hooligan teenagers who are messing with me at work
-Jared : who has such a kind, sweet spirit and was willing to take out the trash and keep me safe from said teenagers
-Kent : who throws fruit roll ups at Surf N Slurps window for me. And who invites and offers rides to said hooligans to Wendy's
-Wendy : who always has a smile on her cute little face and who is always willing to accept and join in on our random late night Wendy's runs. Oh, and laugh at our not-so-funny jokes
-mangoes. No particular reason. I just am
-My brother, Andy : who watches YouTube videos with me like there is no tomorrow
-Marching band. Oh how i am thankful for this.
-my legs, even though they are having a twitchy spasm attack at the moment

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