Welcome to the Hotel California

It's times like this where I wish I could have a pensieve and siphon out all my thoughts for y'all. There's way to much swimming in my wittle head right now.

*Some times you just have horrible dates. And some times you just have horrible days. Some times, they occur on the same day.


*17th birthday in 17 days. For hollaz!

*Summer band is over. Sad day Jose.

*Boys are stupid. Throw rocks AND snowballs at them

*ugh. ugh.. ugh. ugh. ugh. the end

*What is the meaning of life?

*I really like cheese and friendship bracelets. Yes and Steph Tidwell a.k.a. my saving grace

*Why can't I have a freaking puppy??

*Lagoon and DCI come sooner. Then I get to escape stupid Provo and hang out with my besties.
All. Day. Long

*Would people who are going to Europe not rub it in my face? Thanks. I'll shut up about Pearl Harbor too if it helps.

*No I will not clean that room.

Life is just getting interesting. And I'm gearing up for more drama and action. It's pretty much like a movie right now.

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