It's my party I can cry if I want to

So basically it's my birthday....Yaya

And I'm 17. Woot

I can officially and legally.....

-Apparate in the magical world
-Do magic in the magical world
-Go to R-rated movies
-Drink illegally for one more year (says yahoo)
-Still date
-Still drive
-Apply for a private pilots license for a plane, helicopter, gyroplane, hot air balloon, an airship. I'll get right on that.
-Donate blood (not gonna happen. sorry world. get over it. I'm a horrible person)
-Leave my body for a medical study. (???)
-Be interviewed by the police without an adult present
-Join the army

...annndd...pretty much that's all I found.
17 is a great age
And I'm only interested in the magical stuff. Lolz

On this day of "coming of age" (in the wizarding world that is), I am grateful for my true friends that genuinely care about me. And I found out who they were today. Not to rag on my other great friends, but you really do see who loves you and people's true personalities. They lifted me up today when I needed them most and none of them realized they did.
that's what I call a friend
And I have the best ones they's gots.

only 365 days until I turn 18. Word

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