More than miles in my rearview

I always found it funny stupid when watching Disney channel how they started movies with school just getting out for the summer and every single person was hugging and crying and saying their goodbyes to their friends for the summer.

Okay. Like....what?

Don't those stupid people know that they will most defs see each other throughout the summer? You go to the same school for crying out loud. You must live close to each other. And plus, if you are that sad that about "not seeing a friend over the summer because school is out and you won't get to see them everyday" I'M SURE YOU WOULD MAKE SURE YOU SAW THEM THAT SUMMER. Duh. Like, come on people.
I'm sorry for yelling, it's just quite a passion of mine to inform these naive characters that there is no reason to cry and freak out and say goodbye for forever. You'll see each other soon, I promise.

The ironic part of this whole story is that now, I'm the one having to do this exact thing I always hated on.
My friends actually WILL be leaving for the whole summer. or perhaps longer.....
Better say your goodbyes now, or you'll never get to, Nicole.

You'll see each other soon, Nicole, I promise.

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