Home, where I wanted to go.


I have them.

I'm living at the home for the summer. I know, I know. I'm that Provo girl. Trust me, it's great fun.
I know that right now it's what I'm supposed to be doing, although sometimes it's hard to realize that. I'm saving money so that I might be the independent woman I've always dreamed of (we all know I'm talking about Rosie the Riveter here) and move out and pay for most of it on my own. I figured the more ties I cut with my parentals who live in P-town, the better. Then I won't be the "girl living at her parent's who has no friends". But I hate rules. I. HATE. THEM. Just kidding. I thrive for rules and structure. But only if it's rules that I actually like and want to follow. I know, I'm hard to please. So when I suddenly have to revert back to following rules and "curfews" and checking in with my parents and cancel all my reckless behavior (or at least that's the behavior my parents would call it), it's hard. And yes, I would like some cheese with my whine. Cheddar, please.

I also can't decide what ward to go to.
If I stay in my home ward, they'll give me a calling, I just know it. I'd also be going alone as my brothers attend the singles ward and my parents are in a BYU ward bishopric. And lately, I like sliding past the radar unnoticed. I did my duty as primary teacher last summer. And let me tell you, I failed. The second I confirm that my records will stay in the good 'ole Sherwood Hills ward, those bishopric members will pounce like our neighborhood cougar pounced on the Gray family's poor cat. And then I will be stuck. Or dead.

On the other hand, I could go to the stake singles ward. Whoop de doo. Tag a long with my most popular, older brothers and mingle with old, desperate RM's? Sign me up!

Or I could take the last and most desirable option I've come up with which is to go "inactive" and become a  ward hopper who goes to missionary farewells all summer. Okay cool, that was my plan all along.

Should I just give up my dreams of a fun summer vacation and work till I collapse? Should I move out summer term and go to school? WHAT DO I DO. The second I think I have things decided, new, shiny options are presented before me. And boy do I like shiny things.

Well, on we go with life and I think I'll just mull things over for a bit while I'm in Washington D.C. 
See ya, folks.

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