Listen to a prophets voice

Today was stake conference and Elder Russell M. Nelson came to speak to our stake for the second time! And as tired as I was and as much as I didnt want to go, I am extremely grateful now that I did. Our stake presidency was released and new ones were called so that all were asked to speak. And then finally Elder Nelson took the pulpit which I was so eagerly awaiting. At first he was kind of rambling like the cute old man he is. He was talking sbout parents teaching their children the right lessons in life early. And then all the sudden he said one line that perked my ears,

"Soon you'll graduate and the only thing that will matter is that your family is together forever."

I felt the spirit so strong when he said that and I felt as if he was talking straight to me from the Lord. I don't know why, but the two things I've been worrying about lately is graduation and my family, and he calmed most of my fears with that line. He then went on to give our stake blessings and all that good stuff. Then again he had my attention by saying something along the lines of, "I bless all of those with concerns about illnesses upon your loved ones. And may they be healed if it be the will of the Lord."

Oh wow I love Elder Nelson. I realize now I need to worry more about the eternal perspective than worrying about the whole college thing. I realized I need to worry more about the time that I have with my family and especially Kevin now than worrying about the times I may not have with him. Because if we do lose him, it's not a goodbye, it's a see you later. I need to trust the Lord and see that he has more knowledge than me. The Plan of Salvation is real and the Gospel is true.

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