Talking is sooooo good.
And for once, I got to do the talking.

I've never been asked that question until now.
The only other person I've told my feelings about this whole sitcheeation to is Lynnsay Lou.
We're attached at the hip and she is one of the only "older sister" figures I've had in life.
But Lou is busy with college and dancin stuff.
And we haven't talked or seen each other since probably my birthday in July.
And I miss her.
So you probably don't realize how much that conversation was needed in my life.
thank you.
It made me stop and think.
And since that was just an emotional roller coaster day anyways, I basically went home and had a breakdown.
But I've decided breakdowns are good.
They're like sneezes.
It's bad if you keep the germs in.

I like talking.

and pizza.

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