Coming home

Longest weekend of my life? Check. Done. Finite.
I can finally relax. Sorta.

Homecoming was the shortest but funnest (yes, funnest) date I've probably ever been on!
Some highlights:

+Seeing Haley Burrell whom I haven't seen for FOUR freaking years!
+Fitting 10 people in Bao's pilot and almost dying multiple times
+Rushing to get ready for Homecoming and barely making the marching band competition awards ceremony
+Seeing all the other schools drum majors and guard captains look at us all confused
"Why are you wearing your normal clothes?"
+Bao messing up the salute. It was like Jasmine and Anna dejavu...
+Fake salutes
+Blasting Party Rock Anthem in the car driving to the dance
+"I have to warn you, I have epilepsy."
+Bao opening all my doors and escorting me everywhere :)
+Using Jake's cane as a limbo stick at the dance. That was number one.
+Slow dancing like 10 feet away from each other "for the sake of the band."
+Everyone attempting to shuffle. That was a fail. Lolz.
+Going to get delicious crepes. Oh my Allah they were soooo good.

Thank you my PIE for taking me to Homecoming for a grrrreat night! Sorry I never officially answered you...whoops.
But I'll make it up to you somehow!

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