Ugggghhhh. That's all I have to say.

I. Hate. Room assignments. Hate em.

They make such awkward situations.

"Do you maybe wanna room with me?"

I'm always the orphan nomad child. Por que?
Everytime the band rooming list goes up, everyone scrambles, ready with 4 predetermined people to write down. And where am I? Looking around like a lost bunny rabbit.
People want to room with me, but they just want to room with someone else more. Or they already "promised somebody else." Same with dance. All the juniors are always together. And seniors aren't that cool I guess

But no worries. The room assignments always end up working out....I guess.
At least this year, I'm with my bestie, Chrissy, FINALLY! And Hannah who is a riot! And some other unsuspecting girl who we will have fun with no matter what and be sayin "are you jealous yet?" allllll tour long.

Plus 5 lbs of gummy bears and unlimited swedish fish. Yeah, it's okay to be jealous now.

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  1. So you decided to forego rooming with me Bao Jared and Jonathon haha? But I know how you feel, both freshmen and sophmore year I didn't really get to choose who to room with and it was kind of awkward.