Love to stay, tons of fun, thanks for nothing, gotta run

We've pulled out the Coke cap'n.
It's gonna be a rough mission.

Me and coke go waaaaay back.

Honor Code? question mark?

Who's there.

Visiting hours are over.
And you're loud.
Go away.

Shhh. The police can hear you.

I think my hair is growing back.
Can you tell?


I learned a new trick.

This is my "I want to go and do laundry but I'm too lazy to change into real clothes and there are boys in the lobby" face

First world problems.

can you tell I might be not writing a 7 page paper due tomorrow.
oh heeeey colleddge.
when did you suddenly arrive?
can I offer you some hearty meatballs I made this afternoon?


  1. I would love to eat some hearty meat balls in your kitchen while we blast Jack and White :)

  2. I knew you'd catch that reference ;)