Kid, you'll move mountains

I'm the kind of girl who.........

buys Dr. Seuss books instead of new shoes

fractures her toe.

and then pulls a muscle in another toe

gets an 87% on her Human Development test.

goes to an Imagine Dragons concert instead of the General Relief Society broadcast....whoops.

makes blanket forts on the weekends instead of socializing with the world.

misses her 2 best amigos located currently in Idaho and Hawaii.

is ashamed she hasn't picked up her clarinet in over 5 months.

is not as unorganized as her mother would say now considering that some of her roommates are the least cleanly people ever.

wishes people would come to FHE so she doesn't look like a horrible mother.

misses the THS marching band.

is excited for the Abraham Lincoln movie.

joins ward choir!

goes on dates.

thas about it y'all

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