It's sentimental the way you wave him away

"Dear Gabrielle,

How are you?

I am fine.

I like you.

Do you like me?

Check yes or no."

My life is like aforementioned story rather than the quote from below.
Welcome back elementary school.
Come soon college.

"As bold as I dared to be, I said, 'I just want to see you tomorrow and every day after that.'
I did see him nearly every day after that, and while I occasionally still worried if he would really love me the way I hoped he would, I also discovered it was not just exciting to be with him but also comfortable and satisfying. My insecurities slowly disappeared; I felt safe and accepted. When we talked, he looked at me in a way that was more than attentive. He really looked at me, as though he was intent on discovering the real me--what I cared about and what I really wanted."
Stephanie Nielson, Heaven is Here p.42

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