Well this is new...

Today was a grrrrrreat day.

Not only because BYU won. Obvi.
But something else happened during the game.

During the first half, as the game was not going so good, I started just staring at the marching band, because that's what I do. They were playing a song - and I don't even know which song - and something happened within me. The sousas were rockin out as usual. The band was partyin. They looked like they were having so much fun. And I know they were.

I've always been a marching band geek, but I just thought it would end at college because that's not what I wanted to do with my life. And then tonight, some switch turned on in my brain and it went something like this:

'....I think I wanna be in the BYU marching band....'


  1. Just so you know I am a fellow marching band geek! It's the most fun I've had in high school and it's always great to know that there are other people in marching band other than the ones at my school. I play the baritone and when we go to comps I'm usually given strange looks by the other baritone players because they're all huge guys! It takes a really tough girl to be the the marching band! Go band geeks! :)

  2. Thanks! It's good to hear from other girls in marching band! So I don't mean to sound rude, but who are you and where are ya from? :)

  3. My name is Mackenzie and I'm from Santa Barbara (in California). I'm new to blogging so I was just cruising around and found your blog! And lucky me, a fellow marching band geek! :)

  4. Oh awesome! Well I was born in California and lived there for a few years. And our band has traveled there for a few competitions!

  5. Our band isn't good enough to travel...but we still go to comps and try anyway! Where are you from?

  6. I may not follow you to this field of byu marching band...but I'll definitely be your biggest fan and enjoy all your performances!

  7. Mackenzie: Well I was born in Moreno Valley an I've lived in Fairfield and on Air force bases. But now I live in Utah.

    Nick: At least I'll have Bao and Jared there. Who needs you anyways ;)