Lost in transition

Sometimes I feel like my friends in Texas have completely forgotten about me.

"So me and Autumn-"
"Oh. Right. Well she moved in after you left. Anyways..."

Sometimes I feel like my Utah friends don't really know or care about me because I wasn't apart of their childhood.

"Remember in Mrs. So and so's class when we did that one cool thing and me and her used to be best friends?"
"No. I didn't go to Canyon Crest."
"Oh. Rock Canyon?"
"I didn't go to elementary here."
"Whoops. Sorry."

But whatevs. I always have Yoda.


  1. And you have meeeee!!
    We can stick together, us California-born/not-of-Utah/original gangsters.

  2. Hahaha you are so creepster I love it :)