Rise and shout

     Once upon a time there was a girl, Nicole, who, at one point in her life, was 4 or 5 years old.
Her family once again took the long drive to the foreign land of Utah to visit her favoritest familiy members in the whole world, especially her Grandma. They arrived, settled in, and, as usual, took the annual trip to the magnificent BYU Bookstore in the Wilkinson center. Nicole was an expert when it came to the BYU Bookstore. She knew exactly where the clothes, the candy, and, of course, the childrens books were. Every year, she was allowed to pick one book she wanted. And it was always the hardest decision, as she loved reading.

Nicole picked her book, took a walk around her favorite, beautiful college campus bookstore, and returned to Grandma's house with her new reading material in hand. While sitting upon her favorite bed and reading her book, she began to cry. As silent sobs came to her eyes, her dad found his confused daughter and asked what was wrong.

"I wanna go to BYU but I don't know how."

"Do you like school?


"Do you get good grades?"


"Then you'll be fine."

so what became of the girl who loved school? the girl who thrived on getting good grades?

When did the girl who always had good grades and never practiced her clarinet turn into the girl who would rather practice her clarinet than do a silly math assignment?

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