burn bright. the world needs your light

So a person whom I admire greatly and love to death (who will remain unnamed to protect their identity) came up to me a couple of weeks ago at a certain band event and began talking to me. She began to explain to me that she wrote about me in her journal. I was like,

'Oh crap. What did I stupidly say or do that will forever remain written in ink in one of my friends journals?'

but it wasn't like that at all.
this awesome person told me how she wrote that I, Nicole Marie Hopkinson, had inspired and encouraged her to do summer band. and she was super grateful for that.
At first I was like, HA! you're funny. NBD.

but then I thought about it. For me it was just nothing. I wanted this person to do summer because she's so outrageously talented and funny and I wanted to spend half my summer with her. Sounds normal, aye?
Something that was so simple for me to do was something important for her. And i'm not bragging. It's just, I LOVE making a difference. I love serving and inspiring people. I thought about how much summer band impacted me and to think that maybe I did that for her just warms my heart.

I want to be that inspiration for someone. I mean I guess I was for said girl above, but also someone else. I want someone to want to do band for me. I want someone to want to play clarinet for me. I want someone to dance for me. I want someone to become drum major for me. Not because of me. But for my existance. Not because I was amazing. But because I was having tons of fun and sharing it with others. I want to see the eyes of the Edgemont elementary students light up when they play clarinet and someday want to become one of those 'Timpview kids across the street'.

I could be that role model for someone. THAT COULD BE ME!

somebody is always watching

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