prets sure thats the topic on every Timpview upperclassmen's (most likely of the female variety) mind.
and it's not a happy topic.

Marching band can't go
Drama can't go
All State Choir folks can't go
Die-hard BYU fans shouldn't go
Some tennis lassies and cross country folks may or may not be able to go (sorry not sure bout that one)
Some German friends can't go.

I don't know. It may be just me, but this doesn't seem like the 'best date' choice for Homecoming.
I'm not ragging on, ANYBODY. Please do not get me wrong. I'm just a-sayin that this is my (and a whole bunch of other peeps) senior year and I can't go to Homecoming. If you think this post is directed at you, go find another blog to read.

I guess the only other way I'd love to spend my Senior Homecoming night is sitting next to Bao watching some gnarly marching bands. And then maybe going to the BYU football game. But we'll see how this all plays out.

it's just another stupid high school dance that I can't go to.
nbd. I'm over it

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  1. haha. "go find another blog to read"

    totes with you there.