PIE season

Summer Band!


oh goodness I don't ever believe I've enjoyed summer band this much.
I thought I would have withdrawals from playing my beloved clarinet, but I'm not! So all is well. Sure I accidently tried to drill the band when they were standing ready, but who cares?

I realized how much I actually love helping the band. Even though sometimes, okay, well A LOT of the times the freshmen get frustrated, I love working with them and setting them up for success. It's like I was meant to do this. Maybe I'll be a music teacher! hahahah. JK. You believed that? Look up at your ceiling because someone wrote gullible up there.

Anywho....I heart summer band. And I'm so excited for this whole marching band season and parades and fall and tour and everything that comes with the package deal! ACK!


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