It's the final countdown

If you are anyone, then you know I am a ginormous Harry Potter fan.
but let's get the record straight, the books, not the movies. Talk to me later about the movies

Like, no joke. I freaking read the first book when I was 5. Sure I didn't entirely understand it and I thought Harry was to become a slave at a meat/pig factory called Hogwarts and Dumbledore and Hagrid were evil people who kidnapped Harry, but that's besides the point.  

I study HP
I worship HP
Like everyone else, I wish I wasn't a muggle and I was IN HP

So to celebrate, I have concocted a reading schedule to keep me on the straight and narrow path. If you would like to follow, be my guest.

1     Sorcerer's Stone                    by          June 21
2     Chamber of Secrets              by          June 24
3     Prisoner of Azkaban              by          June 27
4     Goblet of Fire                         by          July 1
5     Order of the Phoenix             by          July 4th 
6     Half-Blood Prince                  by          July 7th
7     Deathly Hallows                     by           the night of July 14th while sitting in line!

happy reading

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  1. I love how close they are together. Have fun reading for hours and hours straight. Make sure you have creamies and a fan nearby. :)