And walked and walked and walked some more

guess who's gonna be a pioneer?
oh that's me. And no, I don't go to Lehi High.
This is my last hoorah before I drop off the face of the planet for 4 days. I'll let you know how it goes.
I'm actually quite excited.

I have an excuse to
get down and dirty and not care what anyone thinks because pioneers were supes awes.
say "Do you know who my dad is?". Because it's a valid question.
wear french braids because I love them with all my heart
sing "Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked some more"
maybe become a polygamist, but we won't talk about that.
                              what happens on the plains,
                                                   stays on the plains.
hang out with my two bestest friends in the whole entire world, Danielli and Chase Face
get away from the world (namely boys) for 4 entire days. No cell phones, no boys, no music, no boys, no violent books, no boys, no band, no boys, no work, no NOTHING.
be in tune with nature, gain a stronger testimony, become a better daughter of God, all the sappy good stuff we LDS peeps love :)

but seriously, who doesn't want to be a pioneer?


  1. Because Chase isn't a boy. He's a man!

  2. I would like to opt out of the pioneer option please.