Resume Attractiveness. HUT.

As I have no life outside of marching band whatsoever, I will do a post about marching band!

Saturday morning:

I wake up early, as always, and give up my first and only free Saturday to do what else? A marching band clinic.
We meet at Timpview, squeeze 6 full size teenagers (no that was not a fat joke) into my teeny car and head off to the unknowns of American Fork High School. Might I add we successfully found our way to the school without getting lost once? Yeah, success.

We arrive safe and sound and receive our t-shirts, which were exactly the same as last year. Pssh. Rip off much? We see Mr. Summerhays our old student teacher and say hello because he's just that cool. Then we broke off into groups, and the section leaders made their way to a room while the youngins went to march. [Side note: American Fork and a lot of other high schools have a weird marching style. Example A: their attention position includes their feet in first position, not together. And they clasp their hands as if they are praying. Not saying it's bad, just different....]

So Bao, Christian, and Jonathan step into the room and I, having been to the clinic before, know that it's a good idea to not sit by people from your school. So I purposefully sit miles away from my boys and find a chair all by it's lonesome self. Eventually though, someone I don't know comes to sit by me. We're all trying to learn each others names and it's super fun to get to know one another from other schools. We had a really good lesson on leadership and had some really fun activities. Once the leadership session was over, they sent the section leaders out and did a lesson specifically for drum majors, and our numbers were obviously fewer. This is where the attractive drum majors come in. I had sat down the very first time and this attractive boy who we will call "Trevor" (because I have always wanted to marry someone named Trevor) sat down next to me. He was super cute and learned my name fast and made a point to use it as often as possible. He kept on talking to me and even when they told us to sit by someone we didn't know, he always came back to me. We clicked instantly and even though I'm not a great picker upper of flirting, he obviously was.

The whole day was like that and I started imagining our musically inclined children.

just kidding
Really though, JK guys.
So I got kinda sorta slightly jealous when he was working on maces with another girl drum major and I sat like a bum on the grass because our school doesn't use maces. And plus they had in common that they both want to be music educators.
and i don't
another reason to become a music teacher, eh?
Pathetic, I know.
Then, as the clinic was ending and all the drum majors are saying goodbye and wishing each other good luck on their band's season and talking about salute circles and band dances, "Trevor" walks away to his school's bus to go back all the way yonder up north and I see him chatting with his bandmates. He's walking next to a girl and slips his hand into hers.
A stab to my heart.

stupid boys
proof that I am a teenage girl.


  1. Hehehe, that reminds me of my EFY way back when, only you accomplished it in only a week haha.

  2. That sucks. That always sucks. (The end of your post....haha)