Alaska, aye?

Guess who survived Trek?

Guess who made it to Zion in one piece?

Yeah thats me.

So basically trek was the greatest thing ever. It actually was a better spiritual experience than EFY ever was (I still love you LOTS EFY). Even though I loved doing it, I probably wouldn't do it again because I actually like taking showers every day and washing my hair and avoiding mosquitos and tents and all the stuff that comes with camping. So summary: it was great, but it's something I will do once.

My familia was so holy and numero uno:

Ma and Pa Hulley were so legit. Ma was pregnant. Like, fo reals pregnant. None of that fake baby stuff. So we took good care of her. Pa was from South Africa, so we soaked up every word he said because his accent was awesome. And he taught us how to throw knives at each others feet!
Parker was the funniest kid ever. We made up some awesome pioneer jokes together. Conversations with him were never dull. And he was always pushing the cart. He was awesome.
Kevin was the coolest kid ever. He has such a strong testimony that he always shared with others. And as our big/oldest brother, he was always taking care of us. He was always helping. Always.
Rhett. What do you say about him? He was always the wandering and lost child. But he was also super funny!
GABBY! Hehehe. She never complained. Even when we yelled choruses of her name. GABBY! But honestly, she was a great sister and never complained. And she was tough!
Lea's my favorite! Haha I don't play favorites, but if I did, she would win. She's the cutest little sister ever. And we had some good talks in the tent late and night. She's going to be one of the coolest freshmen ever. And even though she was small, man she hauled that cart!
And of course Danielle and Chase. But they're already like my family. We had some good times.

Some awesome things that happened:

  • We did the Sweetwater River "crossing" which consisted of walking alongside the ankle high part of the river instead of crossing it.
  • Then the next day, we expected no river crossings. Instead we got 30 degree weather, wind, mud, cold, and 10 waist deep river crossings!
  • The women's pull. Wow. It was great. The men respected us women and might I say Dani and I hauled that cart up that hill like there was no tomorrow!
  • Square dancing. Chase and I owned square dancing!
  • Martin's Cove was such a great spiritual experience.
  • I washed myself in the river. And my dress. And my hair. I told you I only do things if pioneers did them.
That's about all I can remember. But all in all it was a great four days. I've never felt the spirit that much in life as I did up in stupid Wyoming. It was great :)

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