I'm not emo, I wore a freaking purple flower in my hair!

Today was just one of those days....
I wasn't feeling the bestest. But I went to summer band, as usual, and we didn't have to run, so that made me happy. I was freaking out about certain things Bao and I have to do but haven't yet. Great....
And then Chrissy and I secluded ourselves in the Drum Major room....hehehe oh how I love the dm room. I could live there all day if I wanted. Anyways, we sat there talking about how stupid boys are, because that's a darn fact. And we ate cinnamon rolls and lounged around and did nothing while I avoided work and ranted on boys some more. And then our student teacher joined us and we trashed boys some more more. Haha. Sorry boys. And then I went to work for 12 hours but I got a paycheck for 258 dolleros. Woot. And tomorrow I actually get to sleep in. Tomorrow is also the first parade of the season. double woot. And now I'm just rambling again. And yeah....

Moral of the story: I'm not emo
It was just one of those days I didn't want to be nice to people but I had to. I just wanted to say: "Screw the world!", but I couldn't.
Tomorrow will be better. I promise.

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  1. Can we sometime have a boy trashing session? I need a good one.