Clarinet Hoedown

It has been these past two weeks that I have rediscovered my love of la musica.
Well, duh, it's always been there, but having not been able to play my beloved music making friend for

                                                  let's just say it's been harder than I thought.

I'm just gonna lay out the facts here. I'm not that big of a practicer. Mostly I only accomplish that in Independent Music Study during 6th period, IF that (don't worry though. This will change when I begin taking lessons!). But now when I am surrounded by all this beautiful music like Phantom of the Opera, Folk Song Suite, Sleepers Wake, Liebestod, and Suite of Old American Dances, Canterbury Chorale, Incantation and Dance, Rocky Point Holiday, Russian Christmas, Gum Suckers March, Greensleeves, it's such a struggle not to pick up my clarinet and play away. When everyone else is reading a piece that sounds like so much fun, my fingers start waggling away trying to figure out the fingerings. However it's still not the same as producing a sound and feeling the music.

It's just great to know that music is a universal language. If I went to an Arabic speaking country and found a 16 year old girl who played the clarinet at the same level I do, despite her race and culture and language and religion and everything else in the world that defines us, her C would still be my C. She would still have struggles with scales like I do. She would still have a hard time figuring out how to play a Bb in tune and how one would ever play a C#, C, and Eb, respectively, in sequence and successfully with no blips. She would be yearning for a nicer clarinet but would know that one would never come. She would be searching for the best reed out there. She would be craving the latest challenge that her fingers can take on and conquer. We could play a duet and it would sound good.

that is why clarinet is number one.

                                                I'm sorry Coco Chanel, I took you for granted.

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