I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough.

I have cried waaaaay too much in these past two days.

For one: State Band. Woot!
It was so fun. And exhilarating. Playing that music was just like.....AH! Definitely one of the best state sets ever. I was so emotionally attached to and invested in the music.
But the inevitable senior line.
Even "grown" high school "men" can't escape the tears and sniffles. I know I didn't. And in one mere month or so, Bao and I take charge. ACK!

And then we come to today.
The spring ballroom concert. For me personally, it was a culmination of 3 years, 2 sets of coaches, 3 different teams, brand new medleys, brand new dresses, drama, undrama, laughs, Burger Supreme, giraffes, Matrix, Brasilia, twins, California, betrayal, repentance, hard work, hairspray, JV, Nationals, competitions, role models, friends, makeup, dance parties, injuries, tears, tie dye shirts, varsity, choreography, after school practices, early morning rehearsals, floor times, inside jokes, Sheela, Roxanne, prelims, division I, yard sales, fundraisers, tickets, and stretching. But mostly love and unity.

Which is why we have succeeded. Which is why I am now sad.
I don't want this 3 years to come to an end. And it quite possibly might.
I'll be brutally honest here. I don't want anybody to try out for BYU. But it's already too late.
However, I do respect everyone's decision. I don't like it, but I respect it.
I just wish everyone could understand how GOOD we can be. Because we already are gosh dang it!!!!
I honestly can't bare to think of what next year might bring; I may or may not be dancing. And I may or may not be dancing against some of my best friends in the world.

sad face :(


that's why I cried tonight.
good bye seniors.
good bye Timpview Ballroom

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