I'm holding on. And I am brave as it get's easier to breathe

This whole "coming of age" stuff is overrated.
Turning 16 comes with a whole lot more stuff than I ever bargained for.

First of all: driving.
I'm flat broke and I can't even afford gas. So I go until I finally get my little paycheck and my car literally almost dies in the intersection (shhh don't tell my dad) while I'm saying a frantic prayer asking Heavenly Father to please let me make it at least make it into the parking lot of Will's. It's a never ending cycle.

Second: boys.
I wish it was legal to throw rocks at them. I'm so mature that I literally cannot wait until my wedding day and I don't have to think about awkwardness or dates or relationships that won't last or anything of the stupid sorts.

Last: wisdom
On Thursday I got my wisdom taken away from me. It wasn't enjoyable. I look like a chipmunk and no one believes that I am NOT on drugs. I knew that day would come but let's just say I am in fact glad that it is all over. I just can't play my beloved clarinet for 2 weeks and I do not know how I am going to last.

I wish I was an adult so I could have an excuse to stay out all night and do nothing. That would be fun, wouldn't it?

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