Are you jealous yet?

The whole point of this post is to make you jealous.

As I was sitting around this whole weekend because no one cared to come visit me (ha just kiding. But seriously though. Only Bao, Jared, Christian, Jonathan, Rachel, Tate, and Yon Soo visited me. I'm not trying to make you feel bad, just jealous.).......okay I just lost my train of thought.
The point of this story was that Steph texted me and said we hadn't hung out in a long time, which was true, so she picked me up and we "hung" :)
We went to Jamba because I haven't had enough of those this weekend. And then we proceeded to think of something to do. We wanted to play Bang! with people but apparently everyone and their dog decided to go to a play that night. So we were left alone as outcasts like Steph and I are always are.

And then, a brilliant idea hit me, let's do crafts. Without everybody else going to their silly plays.
let's make em jealous.
So off to Michaels we sped in search of time consuming activities. As Steph put it:
we were desperate

We found lots of things we could possibly want to do, but we had limited time and couldn't do it all in one night. So we concocted a plan. All these craft ideas that we have always wanted to do but never did will now be done by yours truly. We made a list and decided we WILL do these crafts throughout the summer.

And all these crafts will be done to make you, yes, YOU, jealous. You might be able to join us, we haven't decided that yet. But let me tell you, you will be jealous. It's okay though. That's normal.

And because I refused to let her take pictures of me that night on account of the fact that I looked like a fat chipmunk, here is an older picture of us. Regardless, we are still cool :)

are you jealous yet?


  1. I'm jealous because I wasn't even at a play. I was working. Jerk.

    Haha just kidding.
    Invite me, I wanna make crafts!