The beginning of the end

Upon stumbling on my own blog (yeah, it happens) I was gonna write an epic post of epic proportions telling the world of my decision to stay with Timpview Ballroom Company.

wow I just let the cat out of the bag
post over I guess.....


You can't get rid of me that easily.

I did indeed choose to stay with my beloved company. I couldn't bare to leave them. And I'll be spending more time with these wittle people:

minus Vanessa..... :(


these chiquitas

and seriously. how could you resist this:

but i will miss this girl

and also this one

and of course this one

and yes maybe even this guy a little.....

So goodbye to Timpview Ballroom 2010-2011
Hello to a new team
and new coaches
But we'll bring it.
We always do
Even with our besties on new teams
We'll always be BFF's.
The proof is in the picture, right Lauren?

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