Top 10 reasons YOU should come to my concert:

Alas, today was a 5 hour ballroom tech rehearsal! Hoo-rah.
I only bring this up because that means the Christmas Ballroom Concert is just around the corner! So next Friday and Saturday, you should clear your schedule for your favorite ballroom dancer and buys a ticket from ME. Not some other person. But me, Nicole Marie.

And to help persuade you if you are having doubts about coming, here are some reasons to buy a ticket:

1. You love me
2. You love ballroom
3. You love watching me dance ballroom
4. I might possibly stick a fake gun to you head if you don't.
5. I might cry if you don't
6. There are TONS of new dances so I promise it won't be boring or the same as last year.
7. Tickets are only $4 for you school-going kids
8. You love me.
9. You may not love me but you love someone else in ballroom. But you still buy a ticket from me because I asked you first and you still love me enough to know that the threats are real ;)
10. You secretly want to come anyways so don't hide that feeling. Just come. It's ok!

Now don't you wanna come? Yes, that's what I thought. Oh and 11. I may or may not bake you banana bread. Guess you'll just have to come and find out, huh?

P.S. An edit for the last post: just so you don't think I'm a skank, NOTHING HAPPENED. I was just a-wishin. Wishing, people. That is all :)


  1. Well if you stick a fake gun at my head, then I'll stick a fake gun that you think is real at your head, then Bao Ha will come in with a fake gun at my head, then Bao will shoot said gun and you will think I am dead. You will cry. Then you will pull out another gun that I will think is real and you will shoot Bao. I will cry. Then I will pull out another fake gun and shoot you and Bao will cry. Then a police man will come in with a fake shotgun and shoot me and bao and you will cry. Then he will lecture us about gun safety and we'll all go to IHOP

  2. If this were facebook, I would like this.