Thoughts for the day

Another list. Cry me a river. This is how I roll. If my mom were to ask me, "What did you learn at school today," this would be my response:

¿I hate courier font. HATE. IT. It's ugly

¿Theta looks like a pokeball

¿I hope I get this job. Please say those judges had a sense of humor and realize I was bold and daring instead of insensitive and cruel.

¿I love you appendix. Please don't burst on me.

¿Clinton, please show up to practice or I'll stop saying please.
¿I shouldn't be allowed to touch scissors when trimming my own bangs. Hello headbands and bobby pins

¿Please buy ballroom tickets

¿I want a raspberry beret
¿Hey YOU. Yeah. YOU. Please buy a ballroom ticket and come watch me :) (yes Rachel I said it TWICE! Whatcha gonna do!?)

¿I'm excited for half day :)

¿I made my senior year schedule.

¿Why are your hugs awkward?

¿Banana bread soon

¿Someone wanna play a legit game of Risk and/or Monopoly? Please say yes

¿I like closing my eyes and listening to concerts rather than watching them

¿Hercules vs. Physics. Hercules wins every time

¿Be a Russian. Not "a-rushin"

¿Just ask me on a date already


  1. I enjoy the fact that you directly told me that you said it twice. hahahaha
    I'll think about buying from you...mwahaha

  2. I am become Russian. Or I will be executed.
    Banana bread=yes.
    Risk? We played it once but you gave up and I had to steal your iphone to keep playing. But if you're ready to fight, its on!
    A Hrum Hrum Hrum! What else needs to be said?
    In Utah, racist political jokes obviously win.
    Anything wins against physics.
    And appendixes are for squares. Just ask Chrissy. That's all I have to say on that.