Me and my two-woman-pokemon-wranglin gang

Sometimes my best friend and I plan random last minute sleepovers. But that's okay. Because it's never awkward as we figured out.

And because I know you are all sooo jealous of our adventures, I will break it down for you


1. You must plan it at the last minute. Because planning ahead of time is for squares. And it's hip to be a square. (Name that artist and I'll give you a hug)

2. Do not eat dinner with your family but instead go to Wendy's and pig out. However you must drive separate cars to your dining facility of choice because you are young and you can both drive but you can't drive each other.

3. Then upon arriving home, you pop in a tape of someone's dance recital video and watch a few numbers.

4. And a sleepover wouldn't be complete without a hot tubbing party, eh? It lasts for about 2-3 hours (or until feet are so hideously pruned you can't stand it). During said alotted time for hot tub goodness, you discuss boys, awkwardness, randomness, you text boys, and come up with analogies and quotes.

5. Now it's movie time. Pick your favorite movie. Preferably a chick flick (today was set aside for Harry Potter as Dani is reading them for the first time. I'm so proud :). I would recommend tons of sugar, soda (with caffeine cuz I'm a rebel) and activities to keep you alert and awake. Although if you both fall asleep it doesn't matter because sleep is divine.

Some analogies for you to think about (and may or may not have had names taken out and/or have been edited):

"[Boys] are like puppies. Nicole just can't have a puppy."

"Boys are like pokemon. They're just not good until they evolve."

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