Spreadin' Rhythm Around

Sooooo......I will talk about dance again. This is your warning and chance to look away.
Okay that's enough prior warning.
Anywho, on the night of Monday I went to my little cousins dance recital. We will call her little missy. And holy crap batman. She was the cutesyest thing EVAH. I haven't seen something that cute since I was 3 years old! So then it got me thinking: I was in dance once. I had a few dance recitals at one point in my life. And I KNEW we had a video of the whole recital somewhere. Problem was, it is still in the pile of junk in our storage room that has existed since we moved here 4 years ago. And it was a VHS.. Boo.

But I was determined to find it and whaddya know? I did :D (AND I found Saturdays Warrior and Thumb Wars so if you wanna watch that, I now have access to that awesomeness!)

I found the tiniest TV in existance that miraculously had a VCR. I know great, right?
Then I plugged it up in my room, scooted real close to it, rewound it to my numbers and had a party with myself.

Can I just say I was the cutesyest little dancer in the world (except of course for little missy :)

That video brought back priceless memories that will stick with me for forever. And it also made me miss dance. Yeah I know I'm a ballroom dancer, but that doesn't fill the need. I wanna be able to feel the music and dance whatever I wanna. Ballroom has just set choreography. Don't get me wrong, I love it with my whole soul and I love bring able to act. However I miss the structure and craziness of ballet and tap.

When I moved here I was given the choice of finding a new dance studio or ballroom. It just worked out that I stuck with ballroom. I've had so many great times and met so many amazing people through Timpviews program. Then the days come along were I watch someone perform a heartfelt lyrical piece and I yearn for that.

I just wanna dance my soul out

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