Exchange love not drugs

Before you read any further, please just remember that I love Christmas. I really do. So don't get any thoughts otherwise!

But I'm just so stressed. Because these past few years have come the time when the kids in my family have to buy each other presents with our own money. And I'm horrible at finding worthy gifts to give.
Hor. Ri. Ble.
Plus the fact that I used to have to rely on others to take me to buy presents but then of course you can't buy their present because you're with them so then you have to go a different time and get a ride from another person! URGGGH.

However this year has been a bit easier. Only due to the fact that I now have the means to drive myself places. But I'm out of cash. Go figure. And I'm out of ideas. Completely burnt of brain waves to help me channel peoples needs. So family, don't be offended, it's the best I could think of. Also it won't offend me if you take it back for something better. Feel free.

To me that's the worst thing about Christmas. The gifts. I know they're supposed to represent something much more than the material aspect. But I don't care. I'm not a Grinch, I swear. And yes getting some awesome gifts each year is great (because let's face it, I did NOT inherit my madre's ability to pick amazing gifts). But after the past coupla years picking out cheap gifts for my brothers when they'd rather have these expensive electronics that I can't afford made me realize that I'd rather just spend it with family. I'd rather have all the events and traditions that go along with Christmas without the gift giving. It really would just make the season that much happier!!!

Then there is the subject on who to give presents to. If someone gives me a gift and I didn't get them one, I feel like a total jerk. So how do you choose? I dunno. So I'm not even gonna touch that subject.

But because I'm trying to not focus on all that silly stuff, I am now focusing on the traditions in my family that make it the special time of year it is for me :)

1. My amazing great-grandma (93 and still strong!) always sends us these special figurines that open to reveal cash that we distribute unevenly. This year she sent my mom and I Grinch socks that are so darling! I love her :)

2. If you drive by my house, you will see a Mexican Santa called Ho Ho and chili pepper lights. What other house has that? Yeah that's what I thought. If you want a story about Ho Ho, just ask.

3. On Christmas Eve, we are allowed to open one gift. But only after we've sung and/or danced to earn it. In years past my favorite memories have been when my eldest brother sang "Silent Night":
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is right

HA. Okay to me that was funny.

4. We always decorate sugar cookies. The little ones look like...beautiful art....And mine and my brothers tell stories about wars because we use the red icing for blood.

5. This year my cousin Millie who lives in Holland is visiting with her husband and new baby and I'm secretly excited for that. Mostly because I love babies. Haha.

6. Kevin and I (hopefully) will renew our membership to the Polar Bear Club by getting onthe spa, rolling around in the snow, and then quickly getting back in before you realize how much pain you're in. It's great :)

Like I said, I LOVE Christmas. But in all reality, I just live the season. It's a great time of year to show our love to our friends, family and our Savior. It just doesn't always have to be through the exchanging of gifts.


  1. Oh I totally agree. I hate gift shopping. In fact I hate shopping in general. I didn't even decide what I wanted to get for everyone till like 3 pm christmas eve. I somehow managed to avoid going shopping for gifts except one at Days...And It's 7pm and I still haven't wrapped them...

  2. Nick, but really, you weren't doing last minute Christmas shopping at all. ;) Is it weird that shopping for others is my very favorite part of Christmas? Well, not the shopping itself, but watching my siblings open their presents from me is such a delight. I love it.

  3. Well I may have bought a last minute christmas present but that wasn't my purpose for shopping! I was getting ice cream for my mom who was sick so bam!