And heaven knows, I'm not that girl

"Do you miss it?"
"No, not really."

"But you were so good! You really were improving!"

"No, not really."

"Yeah, I guess you weren't good enough anyways....."

"So I heard you were offered a full time job at the bookstore?"

"Yeah. I'm really excited! They really like me."

"But did you hear that [insert name here] got TWO FIRST PLACES!? We're so proud of her. It really just shows how hard she's been working.She's going to college to dance and that's alright!"

Are you kidding me? 
But why should I be surprised?
You have such a talent to, without fail, turn every conversation 180 degrees in the other direction and talk about your other favorite teenage girl. How do I say how I feel? 
Can't you accept the fact that I, like many other normal and successful students, am going to college for an education and to get a life.
I refuse to waste my time.
and my parent's money. 

If that's the way you want me to live my life, you will be spending ETERNITY telling me how to do it. I will never choose that path. I am me, and you can't change that. 

So if I hear another word about anything related to "ballroom", be prepared for my eyes to roll and me to leave the room before I explode.

Good day.
I said, good day.

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